Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Day Birthdays!

 Two of my very favorite people are celebrating tomorrow.  Heidi and Ralph are both May Day babies.  Yes for those of you who may not know... Heidi is the one in the red hat. I love this picture because this was Heidi when we were growing up; weird cowgirl shirt handmedown, no visible long blonde hair, her face hiding under a giant baseball cap, oh and you can't see in this picture but she is probably wearing really clunky ten pound hiking boots. (I still have the bruises on my shins...)  Plus she is Graduating from Utah State this weekend!  Way to go Heidi! I love you! You are an amazing person and a great sister.
Ralph always gloats about what a cute baby he was... well, maybe it's just because he is my husband but if you know Ralph... you may have seen this adorable, enthusiastic, childlike look on his face.  And the coolest thing about Ralph is... is that I don't mean maybe you saw it when he was little, or ten years ago... I mean... you can see it in his face almost every single day.  That is my favorite thing about Ralph, he manages to remain childlike in the best ways... his enthusiasm... his willingness to play... his humility... and most of all his genuine sweetness.  I am so lucky... an awesome sister, and a sweetheart of a husband.  Happy Happy Birthday.   

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April said...

Happy Birthday Ralph :)