Monday, December 12, 2011

Scandinavian tree skirt!

 I'm so proud of my handiwork I had to share.  Here is my new tree skirt, all scandinavian styled up.  Made out of red and white felt, I  fabric glued on the white Rhombus' (yes I am the wife of a math teacher and I know what a rhombus is) then hand embroidered the edge with a blanket stitch and finished it off with a red star design on the snowflakes.  Took me about 3 hours and cost less than $20 woo hoo, (take that ikea who sells out of all their awesome christmas fabric in october!

Yes this is my house and yes there is a giant tree on top of it!

This happened on dec 2nd, 2011 during the wind storm of the century in Utah, or as some are calling it Windmageddon! The wind howling outside woke us up at about 3:30AM and I kept telling ralph I was sure that the giant tree was going to fall, he went outside and checked things out then came back in assuming things would be alright.  We lied down and then there was a whoosh sound and scraping branches.  Ralph got up to look, "Ralph, what was that?"  He looked out our kitchen window then the back bedroom window ,"that big tree fell down."  " What!, Yeah right, what was it really"  No, Seriously, that tree fell down."  " No, It didn't."  " Yes it did." " Oh my heck the tree is on our house!"  Then ensuing panic and whimpering from me.  It was a crazy night.  We called the power company, we weren't sure it had hit power lines because our power was out.  We called our insurance agent, then tried to sleep.  The next day was when we realized how lucky we are, It could have taken out our whole house, but luckily the top of the tree seemed to be resting on the peak of the roof.  The roots were frighteningly shallow and they pulled up the neighbors fence. We had a guy come in the next day and start chainsawing the behemoth.  Four truck loads later we have some great firewood, a crooked awning, and an eave of the roof to fix, but we are grateful for our safety and the minimal damage, and for homeowners insurance.