Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best Christmas Present

Luckily we have some really great friends who give us really great christmas presents.
Yesterday we went to Laina and Thane's house and we did a little gift exchange and lunch while cute little Hobbes took a nap. And we got a Mason Bee House from them... I opened the box and was thinking "how cool it is some sort of sculpture," but it actually has a use, as well as being cool looking. Apparently Mason Bee's like these small little holes to create their home in so all I have to do is hang this up by my garden and hopefully those little pollinating guys will come and help our garden. This got me so excited about planting our garden next spring, I'm going back to my seed catalog to check out some fun things to plant. Thanks Laina and Thane, you guys are awesome friends! We love you, and little Hobbes too, even if he cries when we hold him.

p.s. anyone else want to give me the best gift ever... how about a garden like this...