Sunday, May 30, 2010

Odd little Findings

Here are a few treasures we have found left by the previous original owners. Apparently they designed and built this house in 1959.
We found this photo down in the crawl space. It is a picture from a new years eve party in 1947, we are unsure if these were the owners but Ralph has a sneeking suspicion that the creepy man on the left was the guy who lived here and he has hidden bodies or something in all the strange nooks and crannys in this house.
A nice little reminder on our bathroom toilet handle.
One day I took a shower with the door open and went in the other room to find this nice butterfly print on the steamy window must have been left over from a tacky window decal.
It is hard to decide which is my favorite find, but I think these trucks we found out in the shed under piles and piles of pinecones are my favorites. They are bit rusty but I think they will be fun toys for future kiddies!

Utilitarian Update

This in update for all those of you who actually care about our little house renovation, and actually think that looking at the guts of a house is fun. I know I know, all this is going to make our life a little better but it is not as exciting to me as the stuff I will actually see on, in, or around the house. Nonetheless, Ralph and some helpers are doing a great job.
This is what we have been drinking, showering, and washing in...Yuck!

Out with the old...
In with the new.
Our nice new cement pad for the central air Condenser! Yippee!

We added a nice little touch for someone else to find one day in the distant future.

New interior electrical panels...
New exterior power box.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung, Finally!

We haven't quite figured out what kind of tree this is yet, cherry, maybe apple, it smells so good and is gorgeous.
Our giant apricot tree is looking beautiful this spring, as well as our apple tree next to it. We can't wait for the peonies to bloom.

One of our planter boxes ready for some veggies!
This is what Ralph has been working on, we ripped out the whole basement ceiling, to change the galvanized pipes, the elecrtrical, new ducting, and some good sound proofing insulation

Friday, May 7, 2010

Long Time Overdue!

Sorry for the hiatus we have been moving, and going to weddings, and graduating, and having art shows, and celebrating birthdays, and sending siblings on missions, and fixing up our new house! whew...we have been busy. One more month until I'm out of school and ralph has already gotten a good jump on our house renovations. But as we have discovered he is more of a guts and systems manager, and I'm more of a how things look kind of gal. So if your waiting for any exciting after pics you will have to wait a little while. In the meantime we would like to celebrate that we are now Homeowners! Yay!