Monday, December 12, 2011

Scandinavian tree skirt!

 I'm so proud of my handiwork I had to share.  Here is my new tree skirt, all scandinavian styled up.  Made out of red and white felt, I  fabric glued on the white Rhombus' (yes I am the wife of a math teacher and I know what a rhombus is) then hand embroidered the edge with a blanket stitch and finished it off with a red star design on the snowflakes.  Took me about 3 hours and cost less than $20 woo hoo, (take that ikea who sells out of all their awesome christmas fabric in october!

Yes this is my house and yes there is a giant tree on top of it!

This happened on dec 2nd, 2011 during the wind storm of the century in Utah, or as some are calling it Windmageddon! The wind howling outside woke us up at about 3:30AM and I kept telling ralph I was sure that the giant tree was going to fall, he went outside and checked things out then came back in assuming things would be alright.  We lied down and then there was a whoosh sound and scraping branches.  Ralph got up to look, "Ralph, what was that?"  He looked out our kitchen window then the back bedroom window ,"that big tree fell down."  " What!, Yeah right, what was it really"  No, Seriously, that tree fell down."  " No, It didn't."  " Yes it did." " Oh my heck the tree is on our house!"  Then ensuing panic and whimpering from me.  It was a crazy night.  We called the power company, we weren't sure it had hit power lines because our power was out.  We called our insurance agent, then tried to sleep.  The next day was when we realized how lucky we are, It could have taken out our whole house, but luckily the top of the tree seemed to be resting on the peak of the roof.  The roots were frighteningly shallow and they pulled up the neighbors fence. We had a guy come in the next day and start chainsawing the behemoth.  Four truck loads later we have some great firewood, a crooked awning, and an eave of the roof to fix, but we are grateful for our safety and the minimal damage, and for homeowners insurance.  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ode to Jake

There once was a dog named Jake
A better mouser no one could make
he started out as a runt and
became alpha dog of the hunt
on a hike he was always in front.

He was a champion beggar for food
fireworks always upset his mood
he ran until his paws ached
he loved his fur to get raked
but be careful not to get "Jake'd"

He loved to go to work with his master
his fast was even faster
He was a little too smart
Even though we are now apart 
you, Jake, will remain in my Heart.

-Jenny Davis 2011-

Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Sod and Landscaping!



This spring we began putting in another garden box for our vegetable garden and that project turned into a complete landscaping and sprinkler system overhaul.  It is now september and we have ripped out 50 year old bushes, dug trenches, moved dirt, Ralph and his cousin TJ put in a new sprinkler system in the front and back yard, we planted new plants, leveled out the clay dirt front yard using a sweet little tractor, and finally, finally we put in the sod last weekend.   Whew, am I glad to have this project done,  It does look great though we love it!  Thanks to all of you out there who helped us!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall is Volleyball...

For some reason this year I am especially nostalgic for my volleyball days.  I love coaching and I love teaching and those things always come around every fall, but there is one thing I especially miss this fall and that is playing on a volleyball team.  I miss riding around in a van/bus with all the girls, I miss the thrill of playing and being great at something and then everyone cheering, I miss the inside jokes and friendships that you build, and yes I even miss the early morning practices.  I really never thought I would say that but I do, I even miss the lifting/conditioning, I feel like I took it all for granted now that it is gone. Thank you to all those people out there that were either on a team with me, coached me, or helped me in anyway to play the game I love.  I miss you volleyball thanks for being so good to me....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good Advice.... Hold Hands.

Things I never knew: sea otters often hold hands to keep from drift­ing apart while sleep­ing. Amazing!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Favorite New Thing!

This is my new favorite thing... don't worry I still LOVE to waterski but after a great ski, surfing behind our new boat is the Best!!!!

Painting with Kelly

My little sister Kelly and I went out to the great salt lake to paint plein air one morning it was so fun, we had a blast and we also managed to look awesome with doing it. Ha!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lake Powell 4th of July

As you can tell, we had a great time in Lake Powell this year over the 4th of July. As you can also tell Ralph had a great little playmate the whole time, Max our nephew. Ralph was a great uncle and played with him almost the whole day, and as you can see Max loved it. It was great to spend time with family and enjoy such a beautiful place. Thanks Mom and Scott!

Mediterranean Cruise June 2011


Kotor, Montenegro
Athens, Greece
Kusadasi, Turkey (Ephesus)
Bodrum, Turkey
Santorini, Greece
Mykonos, Greece
Split, Croatia