Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Planning our Garden

Is it actually coming?  Has spring almost sprung.  This winter has done a number on our backs ( okay, okay... Ralph's back) with the enormous amounts of snow, and it looks like it has still been putting up a fight these last couple of days.  But we are trusting in the seasons and Ralph finally gets to use all of his Math skills as we have been planning our garden with Ralph's perfectly accurate and to-scale drawing of our little plot o' land out back.  He has been working diligently and enthusiastically on measurements and we have finally selected our seeds... yes, I said seeds, we got ambitious this year and wanted to start our plants from seeds.  We are planting some wonderful heirloom varieties this year, we ordered them from www.seedsavers.com , a really neat company which lets growers sell and share their heirloom seeds, which is cool because of the staggering numbers of seed extinctions by big corporations who "own" the rights to those seeds.  All this info is from a great book we've been listening to by one of my favorite authors,  Barbara Kingsolver, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle," it is really interesting and we really recommend it to anyone who cares about the food they eat.
The veggies we've picked also have amazing names, sheepnose pimento peppers, japanese trifele black tomatoes, and tango lettuce,(pictured above) are just some of them... I'm just excited to finally see something alive and growing again, and I admit I kinda like coming in the house with fresh picked, tomatoes, peppers, and zuchinni, and picking the dark dirt from under my nails as ralph throws together a light, fresh summer pasta.  yummmmm... I can't wait. 


April said...

that is so fun! I really want to plant a garden too... we don't really have a lot of room, maybe a little herb garden.

I love your blog by the way! Cute colors :)

Andy and Alex Thomas said...

You guys are awesome. You make me want to plant a garden. Sadly our plot of land is ridiculously small. It consists of 3 potted plants placed around our living room. I haven't been so inspired to cook since I saw the movie Ratatouille.

Ashley and Joseph said...

Hey man, I haven't seen ya around the campus, did you graduate? Well welcome to the blogging world. Ash is trying to get me into, it but I think thats the wifys department. Well, I hope that life is treating you well. See ya around