Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mission Beach

Max and his new favorite playmate.


Out to dinner at the awesome restaurant C-level check out that view!

lookin' good on the rollercoaster

Double your pleasure Double your Fun!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Day Birthday!

I was just about to start writing a little shout out to my honey bear for his birthday when he asked from the other room, "what are you doing?"  and I said, "nothing."  and he said," are you sure you aren't blogging about me?"  He would have no reason to suspect me for doing this, I didn't say I was going to write about him, I didn't mention anything about it, and he had been in the other room for twenty minutes already.  THIS, is one of the many crazy examples of how well Ralph knows me.  I think something, and he seems to already know about it.  Perhaps this has to do with my very, very awful poker face, or perhaps it is more a credit to Ralph and his intuitive nature, and his caring awareness of me.   What else could a person want or need from a spouse than to know and be shown that they are the most important thing.  This is what Ralph does for me.  And I just had to publicly declare that my husband is the Best Husband, so too bad for the rest of you ladies, you can't have him, and to the guys, you should try to be more like him. 

p.s. this is an older picture I just love it because it was kind of the beginning for us.