Friday, May 2, 2008

May is Birthday Month!!!

Most of my loyal blog readers are my family so too bad if you are sick of the birthday shout out's most of my family was born in May and a lot of it in the first week, so here is the B-day shout out to Kelly and Eric.  I can't believe this is the only picture I have of Eric but I love it, it's one of those timeless and beautiful pictures where every sibling in your family thinks it is them or at least wants it to be, but nope, it is Eric.  Shucks.  Eric is an awesome brother and he and his wife Maere have set a pretty high standard in producing a beautiful boy and in raising him, lets hope the rest of the siblings can take a cue... honestly though, I've loved seeing him become a father it really suits him and you can tell he loves it! Happy Birthday Eric I love you!
Kelly is the one making the most incredible face I've ever seen her make and let me tell you she has some good ones.  Kelly is... well... just look at her... she is funny, and creative, and beautiful, and is stubborn sometimes about some really funny things.  I specifically remember the moment she stopped doing everything I told her to... aww come on you know how older sisters are and I was like twelve... anyway, she just said no...walked away, and she has never looked back since.  Kelly likes doing her own things, her own way, with her own style and I love that about her.  Happy Birthday Kelly, I love you!    

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Eric, Maere & Max said...

Happy Birthday Kelly! And I love that picture of Eric and your mom.