Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Gift From Heaven

This posting goes out to our dear friend Thane Campbell, whose name and as we learned last night truly came straight from heaven.  Thank goodness, his wonderful family is there to feed his enormous ego we know and love him for.  You truly came straight from Heaven, Thane. 


Laina said...

I hope he doesn't read this. Even you have got pulled into feeding the ego. HE is good at pulling people in.

Just kidding. He will love it and it will make him feel special.

Alta said...

I am totally laughing out loud about that one. What a special gift you and Ralph have to have a friend straight from heaven. Maybe one day I will be as lucky!

Thane Campbell said...

I don't think your blog does enough justice for how great I am. My ego is only as big as it should be, by the way. Thanks for finally blogging about something interesting.