Sunday, January 30, 2011

Resolution Challenge Part 2

It has been three weeks with our resolution challenge and I'm happy to say that we have gotten 100%. That's right it may seem unbelievable but Ralph and Jenny CAN follow through with something every once and a while. We have gotten all ten points every day, it has been a bit annoying, gratifying, and once or twice it has made me cry. But for the most part, we have found we have more time in a day to get things done. I've had more energy during the day, and I've felt happier after a long day at school and I've been able to run out my frustrations. So even though we are annoyed about trying not to mess up our perfect score, we are also enjoying the perks. We will see if we can keep it up.

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Liam Weed said...

My dad says you are a liar.