Wednesday, June 23, 2010

House Colors Sketch

Here is a little sketch I did of our House. These are the colors I'm thinking for the front. I want to paint the siding gray (my new favorite color.) And I was thinking a fun bright green for the doors, with white trim. I still remember one of my favorite houses in Georgetown was this cute little rowhouse with gray siding, white trim and a bright green door. I'm still debating if the orange will go with it though. We will change out the accessories for some stainless steel ones, and change up the plants too, I'm thinking some modern looking grasses. And that awful awning out front will have to just get some fresh paint until we can redo that and the railings so some sort of cool tension wire railing. Here is the plan we will see if I can do it before the end of summer.


LAINA said...

I think that would look great! I have always LOVED grey and I think it would fit your house perfectly. How are things coming? How is your summer so far? House work? I really want to come by and see the progress.

My mom has a lot of grasses in her yard, you could come look at some if you want. And they are all native plants, a bonus. Also, the broiler just planted a bunch of really cool grasses near their parking lot, you could swing by and look at those too. I love grasses.

Liam Weed said...

I love that you played with google sketchup but then decided to literally go with a sketch with crayons.