Sunday, May 30, 2010

Odd little Findings

Here are a few treasures we have found left by the previous original owners. Apparently they designed and built this house in 1959.
We found this photo down in the crawl space. It is a picture from a new years eve party in 1947, we are unsure if these were the owners but Ralph has a sneeking suspicion that the creepy man on the left was the guy who lived here and he has hidden bodies or something in all the strange nooks and crannys in this house.
A nice little reminder on our bathroom toilet handle.
One day I took a shower with the door open and went in the other room to find this nice butterfly print on the steamy window must have been left over from a tacky window decal.
It is hard to decide which is my favorite find, but I think these trucks we found out in the shed under piles and piles of pinecones are my favorites. They are bit rusty but I think they will be fun toys for future kiddies!


Laina said...

Those are all really cool finds. I think you should frame the blue prints for sure and hang them in your house. They would make a great addition to all your art. But you probably already thought of that.

Alex said...

It's just the house that keeps on giving. That seriously is the coolest stuff! By the way, I had the same thought as Ralph when I saw that picture.