Monday, November 30, 2009

Capitol Reef Thanksgiving

We had a great time down in Capitol Reef with Ralph's family... picking out our mini christmas tree, watching Alta be hyper and crazy, eating yummy food and lots and lots of pies, going on walks, playing with lizzie, charlie, and elliot, and more than anything getting away from salt lake city and enjoying time with family.
p.s. sorry Alta I had to post that picture it is just too amazing!


Laina said...

How much fun! It looks like the weather was awesome. Your tree is cute. I want to get ours but am holding off for a little bit longer so I don't get sick of it. I was planning on decorating the rest of the house today but Hobbes will not have it. What a scrooge.

Travis and Amanda said...

What a cute Christmas tree--it's perfect!

Alta said...

Umm, maybe I should check your blog more often. Nice guys, thanks for the pic, it is so flattering to have the spotlight.