Monday, September 7, 2009

Back To School and Beouf Bourguignon

It cannot already be september... but it is. Life for us just got a lot busier, Ralph's in school, I'm back to teaching art at Bonneville Elementary, and coaching volleyball at East High School, and taking classes to get my teaching license. We have had a nice little break this labor day weekend ,however, and after seeing "Julie and Julia" three weeks ago Ralph has had his mind on this Beouf Bourguignon recipe. We, like everyone else who saw that movie, immediately went to Barnes and Noble to buy Julia Childs french cooking cookbook. It was sold out. Ralph waited patiently for it to arrive from amazon. And finally... We have enjoyed the smell of it cooking away all afternoon and I cannot wait to have a taste.


Laina said...

You're back. Happy Anniversary by the way. You made it to 3 years. Hooray for you. That looks yummy. Haven't seen the movie. Haven't been to the movies in like 6 months. Eventually we will get there.

Hope dinner was good and hope life isn't too busy for you.

kelly said...

I didn't even read this post but I sure miss you two and wanted to tell you like this! I especially miss Jenny, sorry ralph.

Alta said...

I feel the same way, like I just got slapped in the face and was told to wake up, its a new school year. I still don't feel like I have fully recovered from the slap though. I have really been wanting to see that movie, now that you have shown me that picture I have to go. Will you ask Ralph if he will come over and make me dinner some time. I will pay for the the food. You are one lucky girl! By the way we love you too, and the kids absolutely love the 2 of you more than anything!