Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Training

Ralph and I have started our newest attempt to get fit.  Well really I've joined him he has been going for a few months now.  He has been lifting weights and now we have started running every day.   We are building up in mileage now, last week we ran twelve miles and this upcoming week we are shooting for eighteen.  So if you see us ask about how our workouts are going and PLEASE keep your easter candy to yourself, unless it is cadbury mini eggs, then give me all you've got!


Laina said...

You two are amazing. One day I will be able to run again. I can't wait.

Daniel said...

Jenny you look pretty ripped in that picture.

Thane Campbell said...

Ralph is failing in his attempt to get fit. He has not lost a single pound since he started working out with my in January. Forget the running, the true work-out is found in the jump rope, just ask Ralph.