Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Isn't it winter yet!?


Laina said...

I think that it should be soon. I get all excited getting bundled up and warm and the next thing you know I am sweating under all my blankets at night and wearing t-shirts to work. I just want to go skiing, and want you to go with me again this year, more than once.

Erica Ann Lott said...

"don't be fooled by the rocks that i got, i'm still i'm still jenny from the block. used to have a little now i have less. no matter where i go i take a pad of paper."

your blog title inspired me to remember that sick jam we made up once. and it also inspired me to miss you desperately. it's winter here in germany so any time you want you can swing by and enjoy it with me!

Lauren said...

it finally snowed here!!!!! i can't tell you how excited it got! i'm pretty sure that the people around here were like "what the #%*!! stupid american!"

you guys can come visit us too! if you go see erica you have to come see us...we're only like 6 hours away from each other. Christmas road trip across the world?!